About the Bookworm Club


Hi, I'm Kayce. I created the Bookworm Club because traditional book clubs didn't work for me. Often what happens is that my friends and I vote on what to read next, and then we collectively choose something I'm not really interested in, then I don't end up reading the book at all. Likewise, it's hard for me to get my friends to read the same books as me. That got me thinking... what if there was an easy way for me to find and talk with other people around the world who are already reading the same book as me? We know for sure that we already have at least one shared interest (the book we're reading), what else do we have in common? And how are our lives different?


The infrastructure for tracking your currently reading list is all set up. For now I am manually coordinating the book discussions. So if you sign up for the book club service expect to get emails from me! There's lots of potential features I can build to make this experience amazing, but for now I'm just testing the market to see if there's any demand for this service.

If you have any feature requests please email [email protected].


The service is free for now. I may try out a subscription or per-use fee in the future. The blog contains affiliate links to e-commerce stores like Bookshop, Amazon, etc.


I don't have any ads on the site. I don't use analytics. If you sign up for the book club service, I need to store what books you're currently reading (so that I can match you with other people reading the same books). I currently only support email authentication so I'll need your email if you want to use the service, but I won't send any non-transactional emails unless you very clearly opt-in to stuff like that. I don't do anything else with your email. Your email and reading list is stored in Firebase.

Feedback and questions

Email [email protected].